Sunday, August 14, 2005

BoO! ;x)

I am back! Did anyone miss me? Has anyone given up reading my blog or do I still have acouple followers? ;c)

Does anyone have the R.A.O.K moderators e-mail address? I cannot for the life of me find it and wish to return back.

I love you all, will keep you in suspence what I have been up to for acouple more days hee hee ;c)

It is so good to be back!!!

~hugs and love~

Monday, August 01, 2005

Am around, kinda..

Hi everyone.. I am slowly coming to terms of what my daughter has done with her friends etc.. it hurts but nothing I can do about it.

SP.. May I please have your e-mail address? I have lost it, I am sorry..

Debi, yes I recieved the package, thank you so much my friend, it really cheered me up, I love it very much, thank you hon, kitty says hello to pumpkin.

Cathrine, yes I got my knitting needle partner ok, thank you hon.

Allena, yes I recieved your package hon, thank you very much, very pretty bright colors, now I can start some knitting, I bought myself some new sock knitting needles. I did not get around to posting your package yet since my boyfriend asked me to move in, it was all go. we had less then a day to pack everything up, 6 hour drive there, pack everything, 6 hour drive back, moved house in less then 24 hours. I promse you I will send on thursday ok hon? Please forgive me..

I have a pounding migraine so shall say toodles for now.
~hugs and love~

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hi Ya'll!!

Just a very quick post, as I am at my boyfriends sons computer, he let me use it.
My boyfriend asked me to stay with him on his farm and asked me to move in with him, me and my boys and my baby (cat) and of course ya'll know what my answer was.
No pictures to post yet.. very long story..
My house I was staying in Kaitaia? It was broken into and several things were stolen.. I wont list them, too many, but the police said it was an inside job, that someone knew where to look and what to take.
My boyfriend and I believe it was my daughter and her friends.. here is why..
My daughter has told me I am dead to her. All because I asked her to ask my mother to send down some fabric I forgot to collect from her. My daughter went "insane" and told me I am dead to her, I no longer am wanted by her and her boyfriend sent me very cruel and nasty texts on my phone. They both sent very nasty texts.
I better go now, I have to meet my boys at the bus stop, I hope you all are well and I miss you all very much.
~hugs and love~

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Miss Yarn being tortured by my boys!

Miss Yarn sulking..I mean soaking after being tortured by colors!

Miss Yarn ready for her steam bath, we owe her this after her torturing!

Miss Yarn just hanging around feeling sorry for herself after her close encounter with my boys!
Blame Allena for this yarn abuse! I will NOT be accounted for this. She gave me Miss Yarn!!
This is my last posting everyone, I will be away for 2 weeks, leaving tomorrow morning (living in New Zealand causes us to live 1 day ahead of everyone!) E-mail me if you want the lottery numbers LOL
See Ya'll in 2 weeks time!!! Love you ALL!!!!
Note I did NOT give up posting my photos for you, I tried everyday, third day lucky! I am too determined!! ;c)
~hugs and love~

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Still no go..

I am sorry Allena and Cath, Blogger and Hello will not let me send pictures today either. I will be leaving for 2 weeks to spend some time with my fiancee on saturday. My boys will be with their father during the New Zealand school holidays for 2 weeks, so I am spending time with my beloved. I will miss you all very much!!! I hope to go to a yarn store to collect some goodies for R.A.O.K's and for my SP5 I spoil!!
I am bummed out I cannot send my photo's, will keep trying before we leave tho.
~hugs and love~

First blogger, now Hello!!

I tried to upload the yarn pictures for you Allena, but Hello does not seem to want to send, after 2 hours trying to send, and post today in blogger.. I give up.
I will try tomorrow for you my friend. I have been very busy sewing today, will show you what I have been upto when I take more photo's if you like. If lucky when I wake up in the morning, maybe my post will be here and maybe the pictures I TRIED to send end up making a mess.

*kicks Hello and Blogger, sits down and pouts*

Everything going wrong for me. I am going to bed and sulk.
~hugs and love~

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Darn it this!

5 hours later and lets see if blogger will post for me now..
Guess what my boys and I did this weekend??? We decided to teach some yarn a lesson! We grabbed some yarn, drowned it.. washed it with soap as it was gasping for air.. I am sure it said some naughty words so I added a little soap to wash it's mouth in for being naughty! Then we tortued the yarn with colors and made our yarn sit in the corner over night! It did not say a word.. not one word.. just as well or we would have made it sit in corner longer! We were spooning in the colors to make the yarn beg for mercy.. but I think the yarn actually liked it!!! Colors? Blue, orange, rasberry, yellow, green and purple.. my youngest son decided the spoon was not worthy so he tipped the whole cup over his piece of yarn LOLPictures? I hear you say? nah... you dun wanna see the yarn we tortured???Matt? If you are still around.. How do I change my percentage bars? I do not like how they are centered, I want the coloring on the left side, but how do I do that please hon?Mp3 players..I forgot to mention that they hold upto 60 songs and you can upload them from your computer via usb cable, they also have a built in radio and little voice recorder. E-Mail me if interested.. bubbleknittish AT gmail DOT com. $NZ20 from each player sold will go to our local S.P.C.A.~hugs and love~

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Like to have my migraine? I know I should not be at my computer, but my favorite blogs and then some were calling out to me..I feel too lonely without you my knitting friends and miss my fiancee.

I have decided to try and sell a some mini mp3 players, they are $NZ90, and I will donate $20 to the S.P.C.A I love animals, and yesturday when I went to visit my dear friend, I saw a very hungry mommy dog scavenging around for food.. my heart broke.. I had tears in my eyes.. I would have taken her home to feed her but she has puppies somewhere. If anyone wants to help me, please buy one.. I will take photo's of me handing over the money to this very worthy cause.
I have been given 4 to sell, in colors Red, silver and black, well 5, but I bought a black one.
~hugs and love~